Massages & Relax

Casa Aloe is a peaceful and relaxed environment. Everything is in line with a holistic philosophy of life according to which even health is linked to our spirituality. Casa Aloe is the ideal place to combine a beautiful holiday in the green heart of Tuscany with moments of total peace and relaxation.

In this regard, I am available for relaxing massages: these will be a very pleasant way to start your holidays. My massages will relieve tension and anxiety accumulated during the stressful days of everyday life and will give you new energy to fully enjoy your free time and the fresh air of Tuscany. The result will be an extraordinary mix of physical and psychological well-being.

Also we could experience the practice of the 5 Tibetans and Yoga meditation together. The practice of the 5 Tibetans revises the classic positions of Yoga and consists of stretching techniques and isometric effort accompanied by breathing control. It is therefore not a question of sport, but of relaxation techniques ideal for making energy flow within our body, making us recover concentration and strengthening the body and mind. Through this practice there is a significant reduction in stress and we feel regenerated!

There are numerous spaces to allow us to practice all this in silence and in complete privacy. The comfortable ‘massage bed’ will make these moments even more relaxing, while the large private garden is ideal for meditating and practicing Yoga.


These services are extra, but can be arranged directly with me on a short-term notice. Write me!


Ida, phone +39 339 7958399

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