Who I am

Chi SOno Ida Casa Aloe


my name is Ida, I’m the owner of the Casa Aloe B&B in Monte San Savino, a delightful Tuscan village near Arezzo.

I’m a true Tuscan and I strongly believe in the value of welcoming and sharing: hence the desire and pleasure of transforming my home into a refuge, where I could spend some free time and find some peace inner.

For me, meeting and hosting People from all over the world is a beautiful thing, which makes me travel while staying at home.

I consider myself a simple, sunny and energetic person: I love nature and thanks to my passion for succulent plants, especially aloes and their beneficial properties, I found the name of this place.

I love sharing my time and my passions with others, which are gardening, Nordic walking, cooking and, for many years now, also taking care of people through my specialization in holistic massage.

I hope to be able to make your acquaintance; Soon!

Ida, Casa Aloe B&B

My aloes

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